The MeetingHouse Church
The MeetingHouse

Thanks for visiting the Meetinghouse! 

We're currently going through some changes and overhauling our site. Thanks for your patience while we complete our updates. We meet every Sunday for worship at 35 Congress Street, Salem, MA in Shetland Park.  We are located on the third floor in the Salem Theatre Company (STC) space.

As you enter you can take the elevator to your left or take the stairs to the third floor on your right. Once on the third floor we're the first door on the right. Just follow the signs.

Our worship services begin at 10:00am. There is coffee and food beginning at 9:30am. 

Until then, if you'd like more information please email or call Matt Kaminski (Pastor), 978.395.7992. Stay tuned for more information. 














We’re glad you’re checking out The MeetingHouse Church. Some of us are new to church and investigating what Christianity is and what the MeetingHouse believes. Others are seeking God and want to know and connect with him at a deeper level. Still others are looking for a church which integrates faith and life in community well.
For many of us, our lives have been forever changed by the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. In our knowing and experiencing the love of God in Christ, we’re devoted to loving God, our neighbors, and our city in the way that we have been loved. At the MeetingHouse it’s our hope to cultivate a biblical life of faith which merges together our devotion to God, our life together as a church community and our relationships with our neighborhoods and our city.