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Our way of life is fragmented. In our technological world we no longer live in community. Our gadgets enable us to live in isolated communitites. We leave home, maybe go to college, move interstate or even overseas to land a job . . . experience life . . . try to find meaning.  We connect with family through email, jpegs, blogs or websites. Once on our own we may seek family away from home. There's nothing wrong with this, but somewhere along the way we never learned how to be neighborly. We've lost the art of neighboring, the ability to form caring communities. This requires engaging in relationships. Relationships are messy and difficult yet at the end of the day . . .  aren't they ultimately what fulfills us? Aren't relationships what really matter to us?

God hasn't emailed us with his bio. We're too important to him. Central to the Christian faith is the belief in the divine becoming human, truly sharing in flesh and blood and yet truly remaining God. God didn't leave us to our own mess. He entered into it as one of us so that we might know him. He didn't mind the untidiness or the ugliness. We're worth it to him. This is what Christmas is all about.

Why did God do things this way? Why did he enter this earthly realm as one of us; to live among us, to interact and engage with us, and then die? What's the significance of the incarnation for us today?

In our weekly MeetingHouse Groups we explore together the meaning of the incarnation and attempt to live out it's significance through our MeetingHouse Groups. We find that this has implications for our relationships, our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world. Also, during our monthly time of worship (the first Sunday of each month) we gather together to sing, celebrate communion, hear a message on Scripture and pray as a community. 

Check out the times of our MeetingHouse groups or contact Matt Kaminski for more info about the groups. Or, you can join us for our monthly worship (the first Sunday of every month). 

May you come to know the God who left his heavenly dwelling and came to earth, communicating himself to us through the Son.

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